To Try the bows

Knowing that one canoot choose a bow just by seeing its picture on internet, I propose sending you the bow by post for a free fifteen day trial period (or more)

On your behalf:
You need to fill out the questionnaire, precising the type of bow you are looking for. Size, Length, approximate price, etc...
Of course you can choose the models on this website. There is a number under each photo (for example "V240").
I usually send 2 or 3 different model bows

The information necessary in the questionnaire is only to know what type of bow you are looking for. The address will only be used to send you the bows, the telephone number and the email address only to contact you. Your personnal information will not leave my company. .

When you receive the bows:
You will be sent the bows by trace-mail, in a hard tube.

When the trial period comes to an end:
- either you send me back the bows at your expense

- -either you decide to buy one, and send me back the others. In that case, you will receive a bill that you can pay by cheque or cash transfer..

At your disposition for more information

André ALEGRE Bowmaker